Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Why I watch television

I admit it, I'm a television addict.  And not a good television addict either: I watch junk on TLC, The Real Housewives of wherever, Top Chef, Project Runway, reruns, the food network, HGTV.  

It was only the other evening that it hit me:  the only time I relax without doing something is when I watch TV.  I find it very hard to sit outside without something in my hands, or leaping up every few minutes to do...whatever.  

When I was in high school, I rarely watched TV.  I was (and still am) a self-proclaimed bookworm, I always have a book or two (or three) going.  When I got to college, reading was no longer something to wind down with, after reading all evening for classes, the last thing I wanted to do was read some more, so I began to depend on television.  Also, for the first time in my life, at school we had cable.

Since college, I have led a full life, and when it comes to relaxing, I turn to television. I still read, but usually with the TV on.  

This leads me to the other night, when I had my revelation.  We were in the backyard, enjoying the solstice.  My fiance had out his guitar, but rather than sit and just listen, I had to water the plants, empty some waste into the compost, hula hoop, take photos of random stuff, and then sit down with my book.  But as soon as it got to dark to read, I went inside.  

Merely sitting does not hold my attention.  My mind has always been busy busy.  Not worry, exactly, but more always thinking of the next thing, or looking at stuff, or wondering what time it is, or whatever.  I putter around the house, picking up small things, making a snack, dusting, etc.  And that's why I watch TV.  Because sitting in the backyard without a book or something is, well, a bit tedious.  Because its the only thing that I do where I allow myself to relax fully and veg out.

This summer, I will learn to quiet my mind to sit in the backyard without a book and just be.  I will learn to absorb nature without having to interact with it.  I will learn to quiet my mind and relax, television-free. 

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Interesting Yahoo Article.

I had a couple of posts planned for today, but then I saw this article on yahoo's homepage.  I thought it worth revisiting the idea the eating whole, healthful foods isn't necessarily more expensive than eating processed, nutritionally-void foods.  
The author doesn't eat organically, but none of those foods are overprocessed, and for a family on a tight budget, are way more healthy than other options.  

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


"Change always comes bearing gifts."  
                    ~Price Pritchett

Since we've moved, I have developed a rhythm to my days off and evenings.  However, it doesn't seem to include taking photos or blogging.  

We moved in on April 19th.  Most of the house is unpacked, with the exception of office supplies in the guest room, and most of the dining room as we search for the perfect china cabinet.  We've been grilling most nights that its been warm.  

I've made bread.  My garden is in, I may expand it this weekend, but we'll see.  I have herbs in pots on the deck.  We've had a campfire.  We've met several of our neighbors.  We bought a bed for the guest room, and comfy chairs for the front porch.  Our compost pile is started.  We have plans to put in raspberry bushes and an asparagus bed.  We explored along the creek at the end of our block (it leads all the way to the grocery store! And mint grows along most of it!) Some pictures are hung, others just sit in boxes.  We've entertained many of our friends and family. We're extraordinarily happy in our house, and have received so many blessings recently.

With all this excitement, there just doesn't seem to be a spot for blogging and photos.  I'm trying.  Last week, I had Monday off, and took several photos around the house.  I don't like how they came out, so I'm not sharing them. 

In the midst of all the hustle and bustle of buying and moving into a new house, we're also planning our upcoming wedding for September.  Our financially strapped state government proposed closing the state park where our ceremony was planned.  Then they closed it, and opened it again within a span of a week.  Our deposit was refunded, and I gave it back and reinstated our reservation.  

I have a wedding dress, and an appointment to have it altered (3 weeks to loose weight!)  My bridesmaids all have dresses they're comfortable with.  We have our invitations, RSVP cards, and thank you cards, along with matching address labels.  We've booked our honeymoon (Vermont!).  We're working on ordering our favors, and we've shopped for wedding bands, although haven't purchased anything yet.

I guess its no wonder I haven't posted...Hopefully, our lives will continue to refine their daily rhythm, and I can get back to posting on a somewhat regular basis.

Have a great day!