Thursday, November 25, 2010


My husband and I have had so very many opportunities to be grateful this year:

We bought a house,

 Moved in (with mountains of stuff!)

 Had an engagement party

And got married!

We couldn't have accomplished any of those things without the love and support from our families and friends.  Each milestone gave us cause to stop and count our blessings among those that we care about, and that care about us.  To reflect on a year full of such an outpouring of support for so many happy occasions brings tears to my eyes.  We are so blessed; this year, and every year.  This post is dedicated to all those without whom our lives would be so, so empty.  
Thank you for everything; you all know who you are.  We are so blessed to have you in our lives.  May the next year be filled with many blessings, happiness, and support from those you love. 
Happy Thanksgiving!

Saturday, November 20, 2010


Homemade cranberry jelly, standing ready for Thanksgiving!

 Finally, 7 months after we moved in; we're putting up curtains
(All our windows except one came with blinds, so it hasn't been a priority!)
First snow Friday morning...OK so it's only a dusting, but it counts!

 Two months (and 2 days) since we tied the knot.
Watching the UCONN/SU game, 
eating homemade cheesesteak, 
wearing the new hat I got him at the market today. 
Life is good!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


 A restful Sunday around here:
 Home-canned Beef Stock (Pressure canned for safety!)

 Use-up-stuff-from-the-fridge Italian Casserole

Clean linens and Flannel Sheets on the bed

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

doesn't look like nothing...

 Well.  I keep intending to blog here, but it seems so easy to procrastinate about it...and everything else computer-based, for that matter.  I attempted to write a few times, but it seemed like we hadn't been doing anything worth writing about, nor had I been taking photos.  Or so I thought.  When I  *Finally* uploaded my photos, I found that I had been taking pictures.  Not many, but enough.  So, here's a flip-book of the last few weeks  month. 

 We went to a wood-stacking/bonfire party

Shopped for a new hat (but didn't find one)

 Went to the SAMMY's gala (But they didn't win)

 Had a birthday party (and my husband baked me brownies! This has never happened before!)

 (Tomato pear chutney on cream cheese)

 Husband's band in my kitchen

 Friends (Also, we got a new couch!)

 Leftover mac-n-cheese with jalapenos, tomatoes, 
and all the bits of cheese from the fridge!

 I carved this little guy at work.  
Name's Spike.  He's a porcupine.  
Gotta love jack-o-lantern designs that require the use of a drill ;)

 Had a girl's outing to see Rocky Horror Picture Show

 Saw a great band.  That's the husband dressed as Larry the Cable Guy

 :) (He's dodging my spikes)

I was the Statue of Liberty.  Made the costume.  I'm pretty proud of it!
So.  I think that catches you up.  Maybe now I can do more regular blogs instead of sporadic, mammoth ones.  We'll see.