Wednesday, April 6, 2011


I decided to try and see if I could remember my password, and whaddya know? It worked!  
We've been lying low, waiting for the end of winter to finally get here.  We did some yard work, took down the Christmas lights from the front of the house, and got our spring/summer wish list together.

I have big plans to expand the garden this year,  and have been pondering just what sorts of things I want to can and dry for next winter!  I do know one thing: a few less flavored vinegars, and a few more flavored liquors are on the docket!  

We want to spend some more time outdoors this summer, gardening, walking, biking, and hiking.  We've already been on one hike, a couple of weeks ago, it was chilly, but nice for a hike!

 Almost 6 months to the day after our wedding, we returned to the "scene of the crime!"


We've got some trips planned also, my sister graduates from college, and Mike has 2 sisters who are getting married, and one who will be having a baby!
It's shaping up to be just as busy a spring and summer as it was a winter and fall...but now that I know my password, I just may be updating here more often!