Wednesday, May 26, 2010


It's so wonderful to have a place that is actually our own.  The other night, we sat in our backyard, and it was absolute bliss: warm weather, wine, and a good book, all lit by lantern light:

This was after a wonderful engagement party with both of our families (I balked at the idea of a bridal shower...sooo not my cup of tea)

My family

Mike's family
Every good party has a conga line!

I just like this picture: My siblings, and myself, 
with Mike, and my sister's partner too!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Saying Goodbye

Two weeks ago, I said goodbye to a dear friend of mine.  She was a resident on the unit where I have worked for nearly 4 years now, and she had been there since I started.  She and I just "clicked," not instantaneously, but over a period of months, as we got to know each other, and as I found my comfort zone and hit my stride in a new job.

I can't quite explain our relationship, except to say that for a woman who didn't know anyone's name at the nursing home, she called me (and only me) Geraldine for 3 years.  Never any other name, only Geraldine.  Now that's a bond.  

As I have adjusted to our unit without her, I realize how much she taught me about love, patience, and being yourself; and how much I am going to miss her. 

I love you Eloise, and I miss you, but I'm glad you've gone home to God and to be with your Mother whom you loved so dearly.  Godspeed.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Our House...

It's been quite a ride these past few weeks since we moved into our house.  I've finally uploaded the photos I took of our moving day (actually, Mike did...) I don't have that many photos, just a few of the empty rooms.  I will post "after" photos sometime.  I would have liked to take photos of people moving things, and piles of boxes, but it didn't seem fair to be snapping away while our friends and family were doing all the heavy lifting...

 Us in front of our U-Haul

The U-Haul backing into our new driveway

The previous owners left us a sweet note!
This is on the freezer door in the kitchen

My beautiful built-ins, going from kitchen to living room.
Side stairs on the right to the side door.

Stove, fridge.  The door leads to a back shed (great for recycling!) which 
leads to the back deck.

Dining room

Mike and my cousin in the living room

Mike, bringing the mandolin home

Poppy (my grandfather) on the back deck
Note the fenced yard!
Poppy peeking into the garage

The back shed looking in from the door on the left

My awesome walk-in closet, it's in the hallway next 
to the bathroom.


Guest/Computer room
I'm also planning a small craft space for this room

Our room.
This was actually supposed to be the guest room, but the other room 
has the stairs going up to the attic and it didn't 
fit our bed like we wanted...
I love this room, it has an east-facing 
window for morning sun!

The third bedroom, it is our music studio.

Happy Homeowners!!