Tuesday, November 2, 2010

doesn't look like nothing...

 Well.  I keep intending to blog here, but it seems so easy to procrastinate about it...and everything else computer-based, for that matter.  I attempted to write a few times, but it seemed like we hadn't been doing anything worth writing about, nor had I been taking photos.  Or so I thought.  When I  *Finally* uploaded my photos, I found that I had been taking pictures.  Not many, but enough.  So, here's a flip-book of the last few weeks  month. 

 We went to a wood-stacking/bonfire party

Shopped for a new hat (but didn't find one)

 Went to the SAMMY's gala (But they didn't win)

 Had a birthday party (and my husband baked me brownies! This has never happened before!)

 (Tomato pear chutney on cream cheese)

 Husband's band in my kitchen

 Friends (Also, we got a new couch!)

 Leftover mac-n-cheese with jalapenos, tomatoes, 
and all the bits of cheese from the fridge!

 I carved this little guy at work.  
Name's Spike.  He's a porcupine.  
Gotta love jack-o-lantern designs that require the use of a drill ;)

 Had a girl's outing to see Rocky Horror Picture Show

 Saw a great band.  That's the husband dressed as Larry the Cable Guy

 :) (He's dodging my spikes)

I was the Statue of Liberty.  Made the costume.  I'm pretty proud of it!
So.  I think that catches you up.  Maybe now I can do more regular blogs instead of sporadic, mammoth ones.  We'll see.

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