Sunday, August 21, 2011

Canning Galore

I've had the last few days off from work, and that's given me the time and energy to do some more canning!
After a trip to see my grandparents Friday (and a deal scored on a half-bushel of tomatoes) and a trip to the market I was ready to go:
It took 9 1/2 hours but I ended up with: 

9 pints of salsa
8 half-pints of sweet relish
6 pints of pasta sauce
6 half-pints of tomato jam
1 pint of pizza sauce

1 jar of salsa for the fridge
1 jar of tomato jam for the fridge
1 container of diced bell pepper for the freezer

Dinner:  BBQ chicken with corn zucchini and tomato salad.

Also, my mom scored a box of heirloom tomato seconds at the market for free, so I plan on making ketchup with those today and tomorrow!

 My kitchen, mid-project.  Not too bad, but kind of chaotic!

My friend Lindsey came over for some help with Klezmer music, 
and then I put her to work! 
(No worries, I fed her dinner also!)

Phew!  Next weekend I hope to put up some peaches and crushed tomatoes.  And maybe one more batch of salsa...We'll see!

24 weeks and growing!

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