Tuesday, September 22, 2009


There simply are not enough hours in the day, both at work, and at home. I'm still working on preserving produce for the winter, mostly drying, but I might try canning some things this weekend. Can you can Chicken broth? Wedding planning is coming along, I'm ordering the save the dates this week!!!!! It's less than a year away, and I feel slightly overwhelmed with everything I have to do still....Also this week: Finalize and sign contract with reception venue. Next up: Wedding dress shopping! I noticed that the vintage/used wedding boutique is having a 50% off sale...so maybe this weekend....anybody up for shopping with me?


  1. I think for chicken broth you would need a pressure canner because of the low acid content. I just put mine in old glass jars like salsa jars and old mason jars for varying sizes and freeze them. You could just keep freezing them in baggies if your space is limited though. I hear ya on the hours in the day thing - I'm struggling somehow. I just can't quite get into a routine since we moved. There's too much to do and too little time - and work takes up WAY too much time!

  2. i agree totally that work takes up WAY too much time....and I even love my job, but would like to be there less...I do usually freeze my chicken broth, but often use the pre-made pastes because they're instantly available...so I was wondering if there was an alternative to storing that I could just "open and be done"...