Thursday, October 8, 2009


I love autumn:
The smell of woodstoves, and leaves, and coolness in the air.
The putting on of corduroy clothes.
Flannel Sheets.
Harvest-time (Yummy veggies at the market!)
Cool evenings to snuggle on the couch.
The beautiful colors.

This autumn, I'm taking my camera with me wherever I go to document the beauty I see, especially in the urban setting I live. Also, I have vacation next week: my plans include making and canning applesauce, sewing 2 skirts, baking bread, and who knows what else!

Finally on the wedding front:
Our reception venue is booked as the Zoo here in town (!)
I have a hold on the venue for our ceremony (A local state park)
Our save-the-date cards are here and awaiting addresses!

Next up: Officiant and photographer!

What a busy time of year, but so fufilling!

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