Thursday, August 19, 2010

One Month to go!

In just one short month, my wonderful fiance and I will be tying the knot!  I'm so excited to share this special day with him, and the rest of our lives together.  Things are coming together: table centers, my dress is being altered, his vest/tie ordered.  Still some things we need to do, though:
  • Find wedding rings.  We want vintage/antique rings.  We know where we need to go, but it's open funny hours that interfere with work schedules.
  • Pick out specific/purchase his clothes
  • Pick out specific outfits for the groomsmen (we have an idea, we just need to say "this shirt" or "those pants")
  • Get our marriage license!! (This is planned for Monday morning!)
  • Talk to our cake-maker about what we want and what size.  She's already agreed to make it, we just haven't given her specifics.  I hope to talk to her today.
  • Plan out the order of the day, and deal ahead of time with any logistical issues that come up. (For example, if it's raining, who's in charge of holding the umbrella over me while I walk from the parking lot to the pavilion?)
  • Figure out my hair/makeup situation.
  • Meet with photographer.
There's another list, but this seems to me to be the most pressing of items.  Everything else is just icing on the cake :)
I've also been canning like a fool.  From the last update, I canned:
8 pints salsa
4 pints tomato sauce
3 half-pints and 1 pint peach salsa

And I plan on canning something this evening to give as gifts (**Shhh....some of the recipients read this blog!!)

As life gets a bit more hectic, I hope to stop in here more frequently to share, and maybe sort out my thoughts and make lists, all in the guise of keeping in touch, but really, keep myself organized.  

29 days!

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