Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A Quick Update

Just wanted to toss out a quick update!  39 days until our wedding! My dress is being altered, invitations are out, hotel room and honeymoon booked.  We're just settling all the little things before we tie the knot!

I've been canning like a fool, even though our weekends are super busy, I try to get one thing put up each weekend.  I've also been experimenting with some vinegars and flavored liquors.  

List of things I have canned, pickled, frozen, dried:
Strawberry Jam (5 jars)
Blueberry Jam (5 jars)
Zucchini & Corn Salsa (2 jars)
Chicken Stock (4 quart jars) (Used my new pressure canner!)
Crushed Tomatoes (5 jars
Whole peeled Tomatoes (1 jar)
Dill Pickles (6 jars)

Strawberry vinegar (2 bottles)
Blackberry Vinegar (3 quart jars)
Raspberry vinegar (1 bottle)

Refrigerator pickles (I think I've made about 6 quarts, but we keep eating them!)
Zucchini/Yellow squash refrigerator pickles (3 1/2 quarts)
Cranberry Honey Mustard (1 quart)

Frozen Blueberries (5 quarts)
Frozen Strawberries (3 quarts)
Frozen chicken Stock (3 quarts)

Dried tomatoes (1 batch cherry tomatoes, 1 batch roma tomatoes)
Dried strawberries (Handful, but they got moldy ):   )

Strawberry Vodka (1 jar)
Cherry Amaretto (1 jar)
Blueberry Vodka (1 big jar)
Blackberry Rum (1 jar)
Raspberry Vodka (1 big jar)

In addition to all that, I morphed leftover black beans and rice into 15 vegetarian burgers for the freezer!

I'm coming along in my plans to be more self sufficient this winter, I keep buying jars and filling them!  I plan on at least 2 batches of salsa (Hopefully with tomatoes from our garden, there's plenty there, I just hope they ripen all together!) and maybe another batch of crushed tomatoes or tomato puree.  

As soon as this humidity dies down, I want to dry some herbs too.  

Also, in the fall (after our wedding!) I want to use the pressure canner to put up some convenience foods: Soups, chili, beans, etc. 

How are your winter canning/preserving coming along?

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