Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I always have to have a quiet smile of satisfaction whenever my house smells like one of my grandmas' house. While you may not think that's such a good thing, let me explain:

First, both are still living (well and lively, and with both grandpas, I might add) in their own homes.

My house often smells of one house early in the morning: cold, old hardwood floors and brewed coffee (freshly ground of course!)

The other takes a bit more effort, and I wouldn't have been able to name it until tonight, but my other grandma's house smells like cookies!

My rational side says that Grandma and Poppy's doesn't always smell like cookies, but to my memory, it does...isn't memory a funny thing?

Do you ever unintentionally recreate or encounter something from childhood that triggers a memory? Mine ares often smells, usually food related...

I have learned and continue to learn so much from my grandparents (and parents too), but I am especially grateful for this:
Learning how to make a house into a home.

I hope your homes are all cozy and comfortable this night and always :)
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