Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Well! I didn't intend on taking a month-long hiatus from blogging, but with all the craziness this holiday season, something had to give, and blogging and cleaning my house were it.  I guess this holiday season wasn't any crazier than years past, but I often to much of my shopping/crafting beginning in the late summer/early autumn, and this year, just didn't get to it (that minor task of planning our wedding got in the  way!)
So, here I am, back on the proverbial horse, with a list of resolutions (which I won't bore you with sharing).  Instead, I would like to share with you some of the highlights of our holiday season:

We got our wedding photos (digitally, at least!)

 Got new phones (that's the hubby, phone in one hand, remote in the other)

 Thanksgiving leftover pizza: Cranberry Sauce, turkey, 
Mozzarella, and balsamic onionsDefinitely my favorite 
leftover creation to date!

Picked out and decorated our tree

 Spent time in Canada with the in-laws!

 Hubby got me a label-maker.  He'll be sorry! 
The first thing I labeled was him: Husband

No trip to Canada is complete without a trip to Harvey's!

 Some things I didn't take photos of: The amazing Feast of the Seven Fishes, hosted by my amazing Grandparents, our midnight drive to Canada, hanging lights on our new house, Snowmageddon (we do live in the Northeast!), and our decked-out house.

I hope your holiday season was as blessed as ours was.  Each year, we are more and more thankful for the wonderful families we have both been gifted with. 

Farewell to 2010, you were an awesome year! New house, marriage, continued health for us and our loved ones.  Hello 2011, hope you live up to your potential to be the best yet!


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