Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Summer's last hurrah!

Tales from a great weekend!

A Boots n' Shorts gig: A lot of my family came-Mom, Dad, Brothers Bob and Matt, and long-lost Uncle who was in town for a bit before settling in Ohio!

Always wanted our name in lights!

"My two sons:" Dad, Bob, Matt

Matt and Mom

Dad and Bob (yes, that is the shocker *rolls eyes*)

Dancing fools! (Matt and Uncle Andy)

"Is there a snake in your boots?"

Fun with hula hoops!

"The Monkey and the Engineer!"

Brother Bob and I

Andy and I
(apparently there's the shocker again....*Sigh*)

Andy and Bob
(never mind my brother flipping the bird)


Family Photo!!
Mom, Me, Andy, Bob, Matt, Dad (and the drunk cigarette bummer in the background!)
(For all you college friends who thought my Dad didn't exist, here's a photo!)

Got a good-ish harvest from the garden this weekend:That's two tomatoes, two cucumbers, and a small handful of wild strawberries!

Then, I was a domestic goddess:
Oven drying roma tomatoes for the winter and freezing blueberries for the same:

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