Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A different kind of New Year's Resolution

Every year, I make a bunch of futile, abstract goals that I can never accomplish.  This year, I have, again, made similar kinds of goals. 

But, I've also set a goal for myself that has no "outcome."

This year, I would like to make better use of my time:

Instead of making supper, eating it, then curling up on the sofa and falling asleep, dishes undone, I resolve to make supper, eat it, and then wash the dishes before curling up on the sofa.  Better yet, do them as I go!

Instead of wasting time on the internet, do double duty, and work on things for our upcoming wedding while I'm farting around on Facebook or in Blogland.

While cooking supper, clean off a counter, tidy a drawer, put away dishes, sweep, etc. while waiting for something to cook, defrost, boil, etc.

When I do settle down to watch television, do something productive while I'm watching, at least to start off with-fold laundry, bead, do wedding stuff, dust, etc.

Get at least a couple household chores done each evening before I collapse on the sofa.

These resolutions are not outcome driven, they are changing the way I approach each day, tackling things as they come instead of letting them pile up.  I hope that by changing my approach in increments, with do-able tasks, I won't procrastinate as much as I have in the past. 

I'm making progress already:  While I write this blog, I'm minding a pan of Risotto (which needs a bit of minding), and I've already tidied 2 kitchen drawers. Since I got home, I've done a load of laundry and washed a sinkful of dishes.



  1. haha I almost used that same pic on my post scheduled for tomorrow (which also happens to be about housework)! Good non resolution! ;)

  2. I make the same non-resolution every year: to take steps to living healthier. It vaguely includes eating more vegetables, dusting more often, taking the stairs and parking far away, etc.

    This year I've also included a pledge to change the way I monitor our finances...

    No real tangible "outcomes" but it's still difficult to change old behaviors. So good luck to you my dear friend. We're going to need it ;)

    PS. I have Friday and Sunday off, and a 10-7 shift on Saturday; maybe we can multi-task some conversation in there. XOXO