Saturday, April 3, 2010

Bread Basket...

If you've never been to a Freihofer's Outlet (In Syracuse, there's one on Teall Ave. Find one near you here ) let me tell you something.  If you buy any commercial bread at all, anywhere else, you're wasting your money. 

All this, for $15.80. 

My mom sent me to the "bread store" today with a list:

3 loaves "Grain Lovers"
1 Canadian Oat Bread
3 Bagel Thins (wheat if they have it!)
3 Berry or cranberry bagels ("Mixed Berry")
              "As long as they have red specks" ~My brother.

Apparently, she's stocking up on bread for the Apocalypse.

Actually, my little brother is in town, and taking some back to school with him.

I had a small list of my own:
1 loaf Jewish Pumpernickel bread
1 package hamburger buns

All that came to $14.81, so in order to get 3 punches on the frequent buyer card, I threw in a package of Thomas' whole wheat english muffins.  

$15.80.  It would not fit into my oversized reusable shopping bag.  Now, if that's not bargain shopping, I don't know what is.

The "Grain lovers" bread was 3 for $3.00
The bagel thins were $.99 each
The bagels were 3 for $2.97
Pumpernickel $1.39
Rolls were 1.69 (for 12)
English muffins were $.99

I bought the English muffins, because last weekend, I tried to make my own:

Not a nook or cranny anywhere in the whole batch.  I think they didn't rise properly during the second rising.  It's like eating a very dense biscuit (or whole wheat hockey puck) for breakfast.  Perhaps another recipe that's not a modified bread recipe would work better....I used the recipe from How to Cook Everything - this amazing cookbookencyclopedia that my future sister-in-law got me for Christmas.  The "English muffin" recipe is just a variation on the basic bread recipe, which is why I think I didn't get nooks or crannies.  I'll try something different next time, but for now, I have Delicious Thomas' whole wheat English Muffins. 


  1. all that for $15.80! I'm a chubby bread lover.

  2. I just stocked up there last week too! 11 dollars to re-stock my freezer bread shelf!