Tuesday, April 6, 2010


We had just a wee bit of ham and pineapple leftover from our Easter supper.  

So tonight, I made Pizza.  Hawaiian Pizza.

First, I made the best pizza dough I have ever made:

It came out awesome, I don't know why, or how.  Perhaps the stars were in alignment? Or maybe all the kneading I didn't go by time, like I usually do, but by feel).  Also, my mom's been telling me for years to use this particular recipe...for some reason I never listened until now....Should've listened sooner!  Anyway,  the dough was awesome, it stretched beautifully, and didn't bubble up while cooking!! 

I call this picture "Pizza in afternoon sun."  The sunlight was coming directly through our back windows (we had the curtains open) and onto the stove where I was assembling the pizza...

A closeup of deliciousness to come...

Since it's just the two of us, and I only have one pizza stone, the rest of the dough I made into personal pizza size, and baked it off to freeze for quick pizza suppers later!

Aha! The final product! Isn't it beautiful???

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