Sunday, September 12, 2010

6 days!!!

We're getting down to the wire!!!  I'm off from work now through the 28th, so this week should be very productive.  We've made a lot of progress in the last week:

  • Find wedding rings.  We want vintage/antique rings.  We know where we need to go, but it's open funny hours that interfere with work schedules.
  • Pick out specific/purchase his clothes (Got his shirt, need pants still)(Getting pants today!)
  • Pick out specific outfits for the groomsmen (we have an idea, we just need to say "this shirt" or "those pants") (Got them picked out, just need to give out the info!)
  • Get our marriage license!! (This is planned for Monday morning!) (DONE!!!)
  • Talk to our cake-maker about what we want and what size.  She's already agreed to make it, we just haven't given her specifics.  I hope to talk to her today.  (DONE!)
  • Plan out the order of the day, and deal ahead of time with any logistical issues that come up. (For example, if it's raining, who's in charge of holding the umbrella over me while I walk from the parking lot to the pavilion?) (In progress.  Got the order coming along nicely, as well as logistics)
  • Figure out my hair/makeup situation.(working on it!) (Had a run-through last night, it's beautiful!)
  • Meet with photographer. (Thursday?) (Email conferenced!)
  • Do up our favors (Maybe tonight?) Thanks Alison!
  • Start writing thank-you notes for gifts already received (All caught up with what's already come!)
  • Pack for honeymoon (got my list going, will do this next weekend after laundry day!)
  • Call those who haven't RSVPed (ahem!) (Thank you everyone who is coming!)
  • Write out place cards (Delegated to Mom, who has beautiful writing!)
  • Make out seating chart (started, it's going to be harder than I thought...) (Just need MIL's approval!)
  • Finish up our dinner playlist for the iPod (the band starts after dinner) (Playlist is done, just need to consolidate it into one music program, and charge up/sync the iPod)
  • Confirm what balances are due where and get checks for them
  • Gather all the wedding stuff in one place (Work in progress!)
  • Call flower people
  • Touch base again with officiant (meeting with him today!)
  • Figure out table number holder for centerpiece. (I'm a flippin' genius!)
  • Get to ceremony location with groom, best man, and bridesmaid to discuss decorations (Going today, in the rain)
  • Figure out our transportation the day of (we're not doing limos...) (Think we got this one figured out!)
  • Make mani/pedi appointment
  • Get a haircut and appropriate waxing (Monday)
  • Pick up Flowers for ceremony (Done!)
  • Refill EZ Pass.
Also, I have:
  • picked up a sweater for over my gown if it's cold
  • a "something blue" from the unmentionables dept.
  • an outfit for the rehearsal dinner
  • been working on my tan (with the help of a small bottle, cause it just hasn't been sunny around here!)
  • Gotten and given bridesmaid's gifts (Thank you guys, you are all awesome!!!!!)
Probably won't be updating around here for a bit, likely after the honeymoon!!!  (PS: Pray for good, warm-ish (73 degree) weather for upstate NY from about noon til about 5:30pm on Saturday, September 18.  So far, the weather forecast looks good, but you never know!!)

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