Friday, June 19, 2009

Planning and "puff"ing...

Last evening we met with the catering director at our top choice for wedding venue. I don't want to spill the beans until we have a definite date (and deposit on the venue), but let's just say it's a venue with more than one layer of environmental awareness to it.

Anyway, we chatted for an hour on preliminary stuff with the director, and really fell in love with the idea of this particular venue. On our way to the car, a sign:If you can't see it, they're 2 ducks, sitting next to each other peacefully:

Now that's a sign from above, don't you think?

After we got home, my sister called to tell me about a recipe she had found in a cookbook that we both own (Better Homes and Gardens New Cook Book Special Edition-it's pink and supports the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation) The recipe is called "Nun's Puffs" and they are amazing!

She loved them because they resemble the delicious Yorkshire pudding our Grandma makes (that we can't duplicate yet), but they're made completely differently; instead of a batter, they're made with Pate-a-choux and cooked in muffin tins. Delicious.

Get the recipe here we had ours with honey, not cream, but either (or both!) would be amazing!


  1. wow - you guys move quick!?

    Did want to do the whole waiting 3 years after getting engaged to get married thing??


  2., I want to have the venue in place so I can start planning everything else as I go. Mike thinks it's a little premature, but I need to have a date and a venue to feel settled about it all.