Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Some of my co-workers call me McGuyver. This is because I often come up with a creative solution to a problem using items found in my environment, or cheap materials that are easily obtainable. I have been known to fix a slippery mic stand at a rehearsal with only a hair band. Need garden fence posts that don't break the bank? How about quarter inch dowels? Old wine bottles clogging up your kitchen counter? Use them to dry washed-out plastic bags to reuse or recycle. I needed a "tee" for a putting green set at work. Solution: A foam O stuck to the green with double-sided tape. Get the picture? Most of the time the solutions are one-hit wonders, but there's one that I use all the time that I thought might actually help people out:

We've all got those cute shirts with wide necklines and short sleeves that constantly fall off the hangers in the closet, right?

How about using clothespins to keep the shirt on? No need to actually clip the shirt, just hang the shirt clip the pins to the hanger on either end, outside the sleeves (the sleeves will be bunchy, but not as bunchy as the shirt would get on the closet floor)

Anyone else out there have any other neat solutions to any pesky problems?

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