Friday, July 24, 2009


So a co-worker/office-mate/friend's last day at work was today, she's taken a better job closer to home, and I'm ecstatic for her, I think she'll be a wonderful director. Since her desk is bigger than mine, after offering it to other office-mates, I'm moving into it, since my desk's busting at the seams.
She leaves at 4:30 every day, and I leave at 5...and today I had 10 minutes before I could leave, and not the focus to do anything. So I moved some files from my small desk to hers (my new one). Is this too soon? I kind of felt like it was, but also, it was a spare 10 minutes, which don't come often at my job. What do you think? Thoughts, advice?

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  1. Not too early, or at least not abnormal. We made claims on a co-worker's office furniture before she left. The minute she walked out the door (by that, I mean it's unlikely that she was in her car yet) we were busy swapping chairs and mouse pads.....