Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I have an unreasonable fear of spiders.

Not generally speaking, but specifically, spiders that reside in my raspberry patch. I have this unreasonable fear that I'll be out there picking away (with nobody else home, of course), and I'll get bitten by some poisonous spider (probably a black widow) and I'll die, out there, on the north side of the house. Or else, I'll get myself to the hospital only to discover that since I didn't see the spider that got me, they can't give me the proper antidote.

I tried reading up on backyard spiders to steel myself, and reassure myself, but the writer only started talking about poisonous spiders, and it didn't help.

Right now, my plan of attack is:
1. Always have my cell phone on me, in case of spider attack.
2. Always look before I pick up anything I can't see
3. Never, ever let your guard down.

After raspberry season, my fear of spiders will return to it's average "cautious distance."

Time to go pick some raspberries.


  1. lol!

    I am so not a fan of spiders either :shudders:

    I did quite a bit of research on spiders a few years back (ocd tendencies and all) and I'm pretty sure there are no poisonous spiders in NY (my main reason for never wanting to move south - where giant poisonous spiders live) so you should be safe. I, of course, would be inspecting the inside of every berry to make sure there were no spiders lounging inside! :D

  2. Hm. You're SURE there's no poisonous spiders in NY?

  3. Yellow sac spiders are the only ones that are even moderately poisonous in NY