Friday, May 29, 2009

A "budding" gardener

I admit it:
I kill plants. I'm not proud of it, b
ut I acknowledge it. Case in point: Once, in college we bought a mini "ornamental grass kit:"The idea being we were going to have the coolest and calmest dorm room ever (!) and we needed this. It's grass, like from a lawn.

I killed it.

However, I love the ideal of growing our own food for a lot of reasons. So, I soldier on, trying desperately to be a "gardener." Last year, I got ZERO tomatoes from my plants (someone else kept eating them....and I think it was grey and fuzzy). But, I did have good luck with lettuce plants, until we went on vacation and the whole thing went to heck.

This year, I'm dreaming big. I figure the more plants I have in the ground, the more likely some of them will make it, right?

Here's what I have so far:Broccoli Plants (been in the ground for 3 weeks)

Tomatoes (little ones started from seeds, big ones bought at the market last week)
The little ones planted 3 weeks ago, the big ones last week

Spinach-started from seeds, had about 12. Ended up with 4 after 3 weeks in the ground

Cucumber plants. Bought from the market, in the ground 1 week. Pickles anyone?

Yellow squash (Mom has zucchini variety, we're planning on splitting each).
Bought at the market, planted last week.

More tomato plants from the market. Hope I get a lot of tomatoes to freeze!

In case you wanted more evidence of my "Brown Thumb:"

Hibiscus plant my ex-landlady gave me. Kept it alive all one winter, then one summer. Then, this winter, I killed it. D-E-D. Dead. It's been outside for 3 weeks in an attempt to revive because I love it's yellow flowers with red insides: But it's dead. May it rest in peace.

Parsley plant from the market a couple of weeks ago. Didn't get a chance to plant it. Also, apparently, I didn't get a chance to water it. Dead.

I have found recently that I talk to my plants. I think I have always done this, but I just noticed it as maybe something a little odd. Does anyone else talk to their plants, encourage them, praise them for growing, etc? Maybe it's time I had kids, I don't know. I talk to the fish too.....

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  1. You're hilarious. At least you try. I still haven't gotten dirt. damn it all.