Monday, May 11, 2009

Roadside Gold

I'll admit it: I love finding stuff. In the basements and attics of family and friends, or on the side of the road, I love the excitement of finding something neat in an unexpected place. I love that these things have a story that goes with them. Here are some of our best "roadside gold:" finds that are not from people we know, but are found as we go about our daily routines.I found this next to the dumpster of the apartment complex I lived in in Binghamton. It held our TV for 3 years before we got our new one.

Recently we've had some excellent finds:

These were on the side of James street one sunny Sunday afternoon! The books are a carrier for bottles of wine!

I saw this rattan elephant plant stand on my way home from work one day. I drove past it again before picking it up. She's a little well-loved, but with a little hot glue, she looks great in our living room!

This bench I found last week. With a little wood glue and maybe some paint and another 1 by 2, I think it'll be great next to our back door! It had a partner, but it was in too many pieces to take.

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