Wednesday, May 27, 2009

May Reflections

May is always such a busy month. I'm so glad it's followed by June, which is much more relaxed (I hope). At least work will be less crammed full of special events.

Maybe then I'll have the time for things like: sewing (skirt in progress... the sewing machine I got from Mom has NO bobbins, and I haven't had time to get to the store to get some); beading (still have to find/order beads for a bridal necklace I'm making-good thing the weddin
g's in November); baking (would like to get some dough in the freezer for the hot months); practicing clarinet and piano ( I really miss them); working on my stack of "to read" books (hopefully on a lawn chair); and maybe experimenting with canning (strawberry jam is my favorite...can't wait to pick some!).

We also want to get in some spontaneous camping trips, some hiking, and we have a trip to North Carolina planned!
On the bright side, this spring we have not moved, with no plans to do so in the near future! I have moved every spring since college-that's every spring since 2002! I'm ready for a break. Mike, who's moved nearly that often, is too. Also, my poor brother (who helps us move with his truck) can catch a break!

My garden is looking least it was last evening, I didn't look at it tonight (it was dark when I got home from work). This is a good sign-maybe the wild critters will hold off the snacking until Friday evening when I can get a chance to put up the fence!
I apologize for all the mundane rants/information, but I need to let it out somewhere, and it seems better to do it here where people have the option of not reading, then cornering a friend or loved one to hear it all....


e May, Hello sweet June!

A photo thought for today:
Mike really loves the hillside at Mom's house....

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