Saturday, May 16, 2009

Unexpected Kitchen Harmony

I got the rare pleasure of being able to cook all day today. At the farmer's market this morning, I bought some locally grown baby mushrooms. I sauteed them up and made a creamy sauce with some pasta for lunch:
I also bought some locally grown asparagus. I blanched it and froze it for later this summer on the grill. Then, I caramelized onions to use this week for quick suppers:

I used the ends of the asparagus to make a dip for snacking: Roasted asparagus and garlic with artichoke hearts. No photo, because the color was a little funny (I over-roasted the asparagus).

Since we are having friends in and out all w
eekend, I also made awesome chocolate chip cookies:

Supper was beef kabobs and grilled asparagus, grilled in the rain.

Also stuffed tomatoes from the market today:

I was planning on hiking with a friend, but an amazing rain/thunderstorm ruined our plans (that's the street in front of my house!):
I was bummed to miss out on a hike, but it was an unexpected treat to be able to cook all day.

Finally, a couple of photos from a night out with friends last night:

(They laughed at me when I took this but that ceiling fan was rotating, and I wanted to see what it would look like...especially with the fog machine on)

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